“Work inherently meaningful and rich in purpose gives greater personal and professional satisfaction and correlates strongly with greater success and higher performance.”

Management Today

Are you underestimating key success factors already in your business?

What Work with Purpose can help create

High performance cultures

Organisations with a strong culture of purpose are top performers in terms of employee engagement, customer loyalty and financial ranking

Growth brands

Purposeful and sustainable brands have been shown to grow 50% faster than the rest of the business

Long term, rich relationships

Engaged and purposeful employees are 55% more likely to rise to directors, stay longer, be more fulfilled and perform higher

Happy, healthy employees

People who demonstrate a sense of purpose in their lives have a 15% lower risk of death

Growth business

58% of companies with a clearly articulated and understood purpose experienced growth of +10%. British companies have a £130 billion opportunity per year if they organised themselves around a clear purpose
Now Tomorrow Future of Sustainability

1. North Star visioning
2. Purposeful Work as a leader-driver
3. Design the transition programme


1. The workforce of the future: who do we want to be
2. Happy minds: work and life
3. Healthy hearts: solutions, not problems

1. The leadership agenda
2. Own it: as done here
3. Lift off: changing the world

1. Identify: assets and shared agendas
2. Leverage your shared purpose
3. Design the programme: leveraging your core

1. Extend and grow motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery), bottom-up
2. Happy minds: leverage, as the dominant mindset
3. Healthy hearts: build a workforce fit for tomorrow

1. Prioritise and connect with strategic drivers
2. Own it: democratise Work with Purpose, balanced scorecard
3. Lift off: leverage motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts

1. Identify the material problem
2. Rediscover shared purpose
3. Design the programme

1. Rediscover motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery)
2. Happy minds: find and reinforce existing approach
3. Healthy hearts: find and reinforce existing approach

1. Enablers and barriers to purposeful work
2. Own it: initiate project plan
3. Lift off: unleashing motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts


You have current environmental commitments and targets to meet, but the performance gap is not closing?

You have been communicating at employees about volunteering but most still are not signing-up?



You need to step up supply chain performance for the next strategy, but progress is to slow?

Innovation and creativity is needed to drive sustainable NPD; how do you use processes to do that?



Radical shifts in plastic material use is needed; how can you lead into that future?

Automation means skills change is needed across the entire value chain; how can you support that in a responsible way?


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