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* The leadership agenda

* Own it: as done here

* Lift off: changing the world


* North Star visioning

* Purposeful Work as a leader-driver

* Design the transition programme


* The workforce of the future: who do we want to be

* Happy minds: work and life

* Healthy hearts: solutions, not problems

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For an organisation to be self-sufficiently sustainable, sustainability needs to be embedded into purpose, people, processes, product, production, promotion and procurement. Sustainability built in -‘as done here’.

A great sustainability approach may have a purpose, vision and clear priorities or pillars. But do you have the ‘how’? Making choices of your unique set of long-term foundational building blocks is critical – such as governance, collaboration vs. competition, levels of transparency and disclosure, and internal ownership. We have a set of building blocks to specifically democratise sustainability over time, to get to a genuine leadership position of ‘As done here’

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When developing a sustainability strategy it is helpful to know what your destination is. This is your North Star. It may shift as time goes by and as you improve performance, but it is your guiding light.

We have a set of tools to help you define what your North Star is. First, by understanding your stage of maturity, and then your size of ambition. We use research, benchmarking tools and visioning workshop to do this. Then we help you imagine where the world will have shifted over that time, and how your organisation could transition into leadership, using the McKinsey 3-Horizons Model.

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The workforce is shifting. Not just for Gen X and Y, but for all populations. This is the next step in employee relations. Skills are shifting, whether AI, automation or the prioritisation of people skills and problem solving. How employees feel about their employer is changing; contractual relationships will shift dramatically if you want to attract the best talent. How your workforce will look and operate in 15 years could be very different. Are you ready for that?

We can set up a FuturesLab to explore what the shifting trends are, what will affect you, and what the opportunities and risks are. Led by a cohort of current and future employees, we can help you plan how to transition into the workplace of tomorrow.