Now Tomorrow Future of Sustainability

1. North Star visioning
2. Purposeful Work as a leader-driver
3. Design the transition programme


1. The workforce of the future: who do we want to be
2. Happy minds: work and life
3. Healthy hearts: solutions, not problems

1. The leadership agenda
2. Own it: as done here
3. Lift off: changing the world

1. Identify: assets and shared agendas
2. Leverage your shared purpose
3. Design the programme: leveraging your core

1. Extend and grow motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery), bottom-up
2. Happy minds: leverage, as the dominant mindset
3. Healthy hearts: build a workforce fit for tomorrow

1. Prioritise and connect with strategic drivers
2. Own it: democratise Work with Purpose, balanced scorecard
3. Lift off: leverage motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts

1. Identify the material problem
2. Rediscover shared purpose
3. Design the programme

1. Rediscover motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery)
2. Happy minds: find and reinforce existing approach
3. Healthy hearts: find and reinforce existing approach

1. Enablers and barriers to purposeful work
2. Own it: initiate project plan
3. Lift off: unleashing motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts