Employee Engagement Sustainability Strategy Low Innovation


* Enablers and barriers to purposeful work

* Own it: initiate project plan

* Lift off: unleashing motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts


- Identify: the real problem

- Rediscover your shared purpose

- Design the programme: revitalise existing approach


- Rediscover motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery)

- Happy minds: find and reinforce existing approach

- Healthy hearts: find and reinforce existing approach

Example project


According to management guru Kotter, not anchoring change into organisational culture is the one of the main reasons why change programmes fail. What are the cultural enablers and barriers of ‘how you do business’ for delivering ethical compliance, diversity targets, or behaviour-change driven carbon reductions?

Our Culture Change Diagnostic Model can rediscover your unique enablers and barriers and put fuel back in your sustainability programme. We look at a set of indicators such as control systems, leadership, and group norms.

Example project


Often the symptoms of an underlying issue are noticed, such as not achieving employee volunteering targets. But this can be indicative of other influences such as cost-cutting and headcount reduction or lack of buy-in to corporate purpose. Communicating louder at employees will therefore rarely significantly shift you to your target.

Our Critical Path Analysis looks at what the influences are on why volunteering is not progressing, for example lack of role models or leaders engaging in volunteering - rediscovering existing assets to tap into to drive volunteering numbers up.

Example project


Wellbeing health programmes improve productivity - 60% of employees rate health over wealth or career! (Mercer, 2018). How does your business safeguard employee health at work?

Our proprietary tool looks at a set of indicators from legal compliance to certified standards through to proactive best practice to assess your current performance and gaps. What practical prevention, treatment and intervention of hazards and risks, and leveraging of opportunities, is right for your organisation? For example, gym or fitness access, nutrition and healthy eating support, OH policy, or addressing sedentary behaviour and lack of mobility in the workplace. We can also do an employee survey to assess the potential impact of our recommended Healthy Hearts programme on rediscovering employee motivation and reducing sickness rates.