Step up supply chain performance for the next strategy


* Prioritise and connect with strategic drivers

* Own it: democratise Purposeful Work, balanced scorecard

* Lift off: leverage motivation, happy minds and healthy hearts


* Identify: assets and shared agendas

* Leverage your shared purpose

* Design the programme: leveraging your core


* Extend and grow motivation (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery), bottom-up

* Happy minds: leverage, as the dominant mindset

* Healthy hearts: build a workforce fit for tomorrow

Example project


Although not every employee will always be highly motivated, there are degrees of happiness which can be built to create a responsible work environment.

Studies show having a higher purpose in life gives better emotional resilience, helpful in work and at home. We can deep dive, from a Culture Audit, into Happy Minds, leveraging a set of activities to help create such an environment. E.g. genuine D&I programmes, fairness in rewards, transparent use of power and decision-making, recognising emotional labour, and understanding one’s place in the organisation and contribution to corporate purpose and success.

Example project


You may face an audacious target, such as achieving ZeroWaste, and as you dig into the feasibilities of it you recognise how critical suppliers are for that achievement. You could take a top-down approach, or leverage your relationship with them to address the challenge collaboratively.

We can do feasibility research to leverage undiscovered opportunities with stakeholder relationships. We have looked at issues such as collaborating to share data on cardiovascular disease for better physician education, and the feasibility of vertical integration vs. collaboration for removing materials waste in the production process.

Example project


Motivation is driven by providing opportunities for employees to have work with purpose, autonomy to explore and innovate, and mastery to achieve. Leagues of sustainability champions and social intrapreneurs are proven ways of leveraging and cascading motivation into the workforce.

We have experience in building sustainability networks of champions and social intrapreneurs, and advising on the facilitating conditions for them to thrive. This can create a cohort of highly motivated change-makers who bring sustainability to life for colleagues – all whilst innovating to solve relevant challenges.