“I started with a feeling that this was the right thing to do … this is about doing good business. It can be difficult. There are many days I think, why did I do this? Because it’s my character. It’s my contribution to the world.”

Insight from Jo De Silva, Arup International Development on why feeling is important for a social intrapreneur

What are the brakes and rockets in your business?

For example, is high absenteeism due to illness, stress or lack of motivation a brake on your financial growth? In the UK, an estimated 34% of all working days lost is due to insufficient physical activity & work-related musco-skeletal injuries. This costs UK businesses’ £32 billion a year.

We can remove the brake for you

Are you underestimating certain success factors, such as motivation, purpose, health, and happy minds, which improve productivity and reduce costs? Engaged employees are 17% more productive.

We can ignite this rocket for you

Think Feel Do This is Work with Purpose

Lacking buy-in and innovation for integration of sustainability into the supply chain or product brands? Only ¼ of employees find work ‘meaningful’.

Trouble retaining talented employees for the leadership pipeline? In the US, Millennial turnover due to lack of engagement costs the economy $30.5 billion annually.

Employee engagement and productivity scores won’t rise? 59% of employees would not recommend their organisation as a good place to work; 51% are planning on leaving their current jobs.

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