Corporate Wellbeing



Facilitating the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of your employees.



…is about taking care of your employees emotional, mental and physical health. But the conditions impacting employee wellbeing come from embedded issues such as job stresses, how people treat each other, physical demands, conditions in the surrounding environment; and the success you have in creating a responsible workplace.

We can help you create an enabling environment for your employees’ wellbeing to thrive. Getting that right generates returns for both the business and people.


of employees think that their employer could do more to support their wellbeing

For an efficient approach and effective results, we will:

  • Analyse your wellbeing data to see what is causing problems.
  • Audit your current performance and benchmark your approach.
  • Make recommendations for achieving better wellbeing outcomes.
  • Develop a robust Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Design your implementation plan, with budget, schedule, targets and ROI.

Through our propriety Framework we look at 6 indicators:

1. Responsible Workplace
2. Emotional Wellbeing
3. Physical Wellbeing
4. Purpose
5. Autonomy
6. Mastery

Wellbeing, done right, is a combination of two key aspects...


Company culture (Emotional health)

  • Those with a sense of purpose in their lives have a 15% lower risk of death. 
  • An engaged and motivated employee can be up to 22% more productive.
  • A good culture is rated by employees as more important than salary.

Physical / Mental health

  • Mental health problems have a greater impact on people’s ability to work than any other group of disorders.
  • Healthiest employees are 32 days a year more productive than the least healthy.
  • Save £2.50 for every £1.00 spent on promoting health in the workplace.

Who We Are

We are a UK-based sustainability consultancy with an innovative approach to creating lasting change by unleashing the power of your people.

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