Employee Engagement



Unleashing the talent, innovation and motivation of your employees by creating work with purpose.



…is to give employees work with purpose. That is, we connect the work that employee do with a bigger meaning and purpose, and also help you create work and tasks that make a difference whilst driving business objectives.

Leveraging employee motivation through ‘work with purpose’ can improve productivity, loyalty, strengthen volunteering teams, drive innovation, and help sustainability professionals to achieve your sustainability agenda. How well your culture, people, communications, and action plan engage employees can make or break your sustainability strategy.


Purposeful employees are highly engaged and 55% more likely to rise to directors, stay longer, be more fulfilled and perform higher.

We can help you to:

Find and articulate work with purpose
and help cascade that through the organisation
Review how you communicate your purpose-
drivers, and suggest improvements
Review your data to identify enablers
and barriers to engagement
Score you on our detailed culture audit framework to
identify systemic opportunities and risks to engagement
Create and deliver a plan for driving engagement
to boost your sustainability programme
Create or leverage your employee networks of
champions, godparents, and social intrapreneurs

Employee engagement, done right, takes into consideration...


Giving employees meaning and purpose

  • Only ¼ of employees find work meaningful.
  • 58% of companies with a clearly articulated and understood purpose experience growth of +10% more than businesses without a clear purpose.

Providing real opportunities to make a difference

  • Organisations with a strong culture of purpose are top performers for employee engagement, customer loyalty and financial ranking.
  • 78% of employees who do volunteering report less stress and feeling better vs. those who do not volunteer.

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We are a UK-based sustainability consultancy with an innovative approach to creating lasting change by unleashing the power of your people.

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