Sustainability Innovation



Finding new solutions to existing issues, identifying future opportunities and risks, and changing mindset and perceptions.



Sustainability is a key driver of innovation. As we address climate change, societal immobility, water shortages, materials scarcity and more, we have to innovate to succeed. From edible cutlery, biodegradable food containers, to handbags made from repurposed rubber … we have to think differently, act differently. What role will your business play in the new economy?

People are the key to innovation. Ideas and experimentation come from people. You can unleash your people’s talent, diverse thinking, creativity, and passion. Employees need permission, opportunity, encouragement, and the right enabling environment to innovate for business success. We can help you achieve that enabling environment.


Of consumers want companies to take a stand on sustainability. How will your products and ways of working evolve to ensure you stay relevant?

We can help you to:

Review your organisation’s current mindset to
innovation and how that enables sustainability
Identify where innovation is needed, and what type of
innovation will move you on your sustainability journey
Design the enabling environment that will
unleash your innovators
Help you to run the programmes that foster
sustainable innovation
Facilitate your employee networks to become
the social intrapreneurs
Review and refresh your innovation approach as
your sustainability strategy matures

Sustainable innovation, done right…


Is about people and mindsets

  • Find those employees who want to be incremental or radical innovators for sustainability
  • Develop organisational leaders to either support, drive, or lead by example on unleashing sustainable innovation
  • Invite in partners, stakeholders, and your value chain members to see their world view and share ideas

Is about creating an enabling environment

  • Develop the space for your innovators to create
  • Point your innovators in the right direction by giving them the right tools, exposure, and knowledge
  • Embed the R&D into your departments, product lines, and KPIs so that the organisation supports and benefits from the innovation

Who We Are

We are a UK-based sustainability consultancy with an innovative approach to creating lasting change by unleashing the power of your people.

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